German Design Award 2019: „myPI-LED” convinces international jury!

22 Okt, 2018

The German Design Awards, launched in 2012, are among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide and have an excellent reputation far beyond specialist circles. In August 2018, the international jury decided in favour of “myPI-LED” – an intelligent lighting control system that is available for PC, iOS and Android. In combination with commercially available cameras and PI-LED luminaires it can automatically calculate and provide optimal white light, which, in fact, sets internationally completely new standards for various retail applications.

“For us, this is further proof that even intelligent functionalities in shops can be made very simple and intuitive” says Stefan Tasch, CEO of LUMITECH. In November 2017 “myPI-LED” was already awarded with the Burgenland Innovation Price and therefore dignifiedly follows in the footsteps of the leading technology “PI-LED”, which was honoured 10 years earlier with the Austrian State Prize for Innovation. “We are very pleased about these acknowledgments of our intensive research and innovations in the field of LED!” Tasch is pleased and adds: “LUMITECH and its subsidiary KITEO will continue to develop intelligent lighting solutions with significant added value in the future”.


myPI-LED for PC

myPI-LED for iOS and Android