− Implementation of daytime sequences that can be programmed at will
− The stored daytime sequence can be transmitted to the broadcast addresses (all luminaires), to luminaire groups or to individual addresses
− Easy connection to DALI circuit
− Multiple modules per DALI circuit are possible

  • Technical data

    Electric Supply
    via DALI-Bus

    Input and output signal

    Daytime sequence
    RTC time module integrated
    Daytime sequence programmable at will

  • Design data

Complex lighting systems simple control with


As an alternative to NeoLink/ZigBee, there is an option of integrating Human Centric Lighting solutions of KITEO via DALI DT8. Modern biorhythmic light can be integrated easily and quickly, therefore, even in more complex building management systems. All the functions of a lighting system, such as changing the brightness, colour temperatures, and additional RGB sequences as well as daytime sequences, can be controlled with DALI DT8; generally or specifically.


Control functionality

Colour temperature, brightness and individual RGB light colours
Fixed mood lights combined with any dimming level and colours
Daytime- and colour sequences
Overall and group control