The intelligent PC-APP myPI-LED combines luminaires using PI-LED technology with cameras and / or sensors and thus enables a lighting system that can respond quickly and personalized to a variety of requirements. Fully automatic or interactive – myPI-LED supports users intuitively and ensures optimal lighting conditions. The award-winning and patented PI-LED technology combines white light and RGB colors in a single light source and stays for the highest level of human centric lighting since over 10 years. With myPI-LED we want to make the access to professional lighting solutions easier for everyone. The functionality is very easy: the product or the room is photographed, a dot or area is marked in the photo and myPI-LED sets the optimal lighting conditions with the ideal white light for exactly this situation (RGB is also possible, if needed) – fully automatic and comfortable. MyPI-LED is an enormous advantage, especially for shop applications: Each product is set in perfect lighting at all times and impresses with its colors, material and haptics.



− Easy initial operation/installation of the NeoLink/ZigBee USB Stick on every Windows PC
− Communication between NeoLink/ZigBee USB Stick and luminaires via NeoLink/ZigBee (radio technology based on ZigBee)
− Automatic NeoLink/ZigBee network configuration (automatic registration of NeoLink/ZigBee luminaires in the network)
− NeoLink/ZigBee network reset via myPI-LED software (automatic de-registration of NeoLink/ZigBee luminaires from the network)
− Configuration of luminaire groups, brightness- and colour control of the groups via myPI-LED
− Programming and calling various mood lights, daylight sequences and dynamic sequences via myPI-LED
− Integration of up to thirty K-ZWALLYs in the NeoLink/ZigBee network of the Stick
− Possibility of simple and fully automatic addaption of the ideal white light by combining with camera

Smart Control with



The innovative NeoLink/ZigBee wireless control opens up a world of new possibilities for Human Centric Lighting. Installation, maintenance and use become child’s play and can be managed efficiently and intuitively. Subsequent Integration of biorhytmic KITEO light solutions in existing structures can be as easily implemented as installation in a completely new building.

The control data is transmitted over routes up to 100 m based on a routing process – and that too, with very little energy consumption. Thanks to a broad range of control elements, there is also a matching light control interface for every construction situation and every user. In addition to wall rotary knobs and NeoLink/ZigBee App for smartphones and tablets, a USB stick for controlling via PCs and laptops is also available.


Control functionality

Colour temperature, brightness and individual RGB light colours
Fixed mood lights combined with any dimming level and colours
Daytime- and colour sequences
Overall and group control